Radio Network Planning

Wireless communication and information transfer are becoming increasingly important in people’s daily lives and overall functionality of society. Never before has it been so easy to communicate, and never before have so many signals filled the electromagnetic spectrum.

If radio waves were visible, anyone would be able to see both the opportunities and difficulties in creating radio networks providing satisfactory coverage in all types of environments. This is why we at WRAP International work to make the radio spectrum visible, manageable and valuable. Our customers are companies and organisations where – regardless of the area of frequency or application – radio technology is fundamental to their business activities.

Our mission is to provide the best software tools on the market for planning, optimising and operating radio networks and thereby contribute to enhanced security, reliability and profitability. A combination of profound technical know-how, long experience, trustworthy cooperation and qualified support has enabled us to establish ourselves as the leading supplier within our branch of industry.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

WRAP is a comprehensive radio planning system with many functions to efficiently support planning of different radio networks. The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost-effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select the tools that are needed to support any kind of radio network, regardless of technology.

Radio networks need to be planned to provide the desired quality of service, coverage, low interference and spectrum efficiency. WRAP has many functions to support this engineering and highly technical work, including efficient optimisation to achieve the required service at lowest cost to implement the network

WRAP software supports:

  • radio network, electronic warfare and radar planning for Defence (Air Force, Army and Navy) on regional and command unit level
  • radio network planning, coverage calculations, frequency assignment to give lowest interference for Public Safety, TETRA, Civil Aviation and Maritime applications as well as radar and navigation systems planning
  • radio network planning for analogue and digital sound and TV broadcasting, mobile services and GSM-R applications


You may contact us with your needs so we can provide a suitable proposal. WRAP has a list of more than hundred reference projects around the world and we can provide references to similar systems and services that we have delivered