Radio Calculator

  • Units conversion.
  • Propagation: Free-space loss, field strength, radiated power, received power, Equivalent earth radius factor statistics, Man-made and ionospheric noise level calculator.
  • Traffic calculator with Erlang B and Erlang C formulas.
  • Cables loss calculator, storage of cable loss data in WRAPdB, VSWR calculator.
  • WiMAX traffic Design Calculator.
  • SatLink calculator for earth-space link budgets

Separation Distance Calculator
Useful to calculate the minimum frequency separation between a transmitting station and a receiving station based on their spectrum mask,

selectivity, assigned frequencies, distance and selection of propagation model. Minimum distance in km can also be calculated.

Geographical Calculator, translating between Long/Lat and National Grid coordinate systems and calculating azimuths and distance between two map positions, e.g. the Tx and Rx positions of a radio link. Calculations of roughness, highest/lowest/median/average heights based on the height database can also be performed.

Additional Calculation tabs for Edit Antenna, Edit Receiver, Edit Transmitter and Edit Station. These provide useful calculation functions commonly needed in radio system work.