Board of Directors

Per Andreas Gunnarsson

Born 1974

Chairman of the Board since 2018

Education: Business Studies at Jönköping Business School

Other assignments: Chairman of the Board of Heliospectra AB (publ.) and A2A Sweden AB, member of the boards of Lamera AB, Crossborder Technologies AB, Solarwave AB, Minesto AB (publ.) and Powercell Sweden AB (publ.).

Current occupation: Portfolio Director at Midroc New Technology

Göran Olsson

Born 1956

Member of the Board since 2007

Education: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Previous assignments: Vice President Ericsson Sweden. Managing Director of Ericsson New Zealand. Various Board Appointments as a non-executive Director

Current occupation: Business Development advisor of WRAP International

Olov Carlsson

Born 1952

Member of the Board since 2007

Education: Master of Science in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering

Previous assignments: Consultant in radio communications at Telub. Manager of Radio Systems departments at Telub/Enator Communications/AerotechTelub

Current occupation: Technical Director of WRAP International

Felix Olsson

Born 1990

Member of the Board since 2018

Education: BSc accounting and finance from Linköping University

Previous assignments: Project Manager at WRAP International, Commercial Manager at WRAP International

Current occupation: Managing Director of WRAP International