Cost and Coverage Optimiser

The Cost and Coverage Optimiser automatically places base stations at existing sites, or at best-selected greenfield sites, at optimum antenna heights under variables that define investment and operation costs.

Terrain features as given by geographical databases are accounted for through accurate propagation models.

The optimisation can be done to give best coverage of population, definable areas, roads, railways and points.

Coverage redundancy for additional network robustness can be defined.

The automatic optimisation can be done within a budget limit to give best coverage for the investment, or within a coverage requirement to give the investment cost.

The process ensures that the network is designed for the lowest cost and gives a large reduction in the required manpower for the planning process.

This tool can also be used for decision support when planning deployments of electronic warfare systems and spectrum monitoring systems. Direction finders, surveillance receivers and jammers can be placed to achieve the required coverage of user-defined areas, also accounting for requirements for multiple coverage to allow triangulation to locate transmissions.