HF Planning

Planning of HF systems employing ionospheric propagation in the frequency range of 2-30 MHz can be performed in WRAP through the integration with a family of software codes developed by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) in the USA. Engineering work with link performance design and frequency management is supported. The ITS HF integration provides the following benefits:

WRAP functions available for HF Planning:

  • WRAPdB storage of stations
  • Creation of stations with all the basic features for duplication, linking, moving, map handling, groups, sites, templates, nets etc
  • Handling of equipment data
  • Generation of allotments (frequency lists) and performing assignments to networks and links, considering spectrum utilisation as defined by available databases and propagating frequency ranges
  • Automatic consideration to propagating frequency range for frequency management support

ITS HF features:

  • Point-to-point planning
  • Point-to-area planning
  • Sophisticated, versatile and widely accepted methods
  • Wide-spread software with very large user community