Newsletter March 2015

Welcome to WRAP International NewsletterWRAP International makes radio visible, controllable and valuable – all over the world. We accomplish this by advanced models of computation and software tools for the planning, optimisation and operation of radio networks.


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 WRAP Software The latest version of WRAP is 4.13 (release date 27 February 2015). Information on how to get this version will be sent to all WRAP customers that are entitled to free updates. A few of the main new features compared to the earlier version 4.12:

  • Spectrum occupancy statistics calculations in the Spectrum Viewer. Based on the frequency assignments/stations data within a user-defined area it is possible to calculate the total available (non-occupied) frequency spectrum in MHz, the occupied spectrum [%] considering overlapping bandwidths and the occupied spectrum [%] without considering overlap. A user-defined threshold in received power spectral density or field strength spectral density can be set. Only signals that are above the threshold are considered to give occupancy.
  • Quick radar coverage calculations can be performed by employing the new function for automatic duplication/immediate calculation and result display. Marking a radar station, clicking at a desired location in the map automatically generates a duplicate radar at that location and presents the calculated coverage.
  • A note: In the previous release version 4.12.2 handling of the rear vertical plane back-lobe of antennas was handled explicitly by entry of values and presentation of the corresponding antenna patterns. Antennas that were created before this enhancement may appear with strange rear-lobe patterns. If that is noticed the antenna should be edited in the vertical plane rear lobe.
  • Customers that us the API function to integrate WRAP calculations in their own software may find it interesting that the functional content of the modules of WRAP can be limited as desired (and agreed with WRAP International). This allows us to offer much-reduced prices for such limited functionalities in WRAP. Note that this capability is available in the standard WRAP user interface as well, to allow a much-reduced functional content and thus reduced pricing. Customers that are interested in this option should contact us for discussions.



 LTE Measurement Campaign

WRAP International performs drive testing for Quality of Service characterisation of in particular mobile cellular networks of all standards. The advertised capacity and coverage by the operators are frequently not experienced by the users.


The latest one was in the county of Södermanland in Sweden, with the purpose of establishing the 4G (LTE) network coverage of the four major public operators. Evaluation is in progress and the result will show the real-life performance of the networks in the terms of among others available capacity to the user.


The results will be used for comparison with what a much-improved system and antenna design would achieve in the same area.



Service offerings

WRAP International provides a comprehensive portfolio of expert consulting for:


  • Radio Network Planning
  • Optimisation of Radio Networks
  • Spectrum Management
  • QoS Bench Marking
  • Software Development
  • Education / training
  • MNP (Number portability)
  • Regulatory Framework Services

With our high expertise we have performed qualified services for organisations ranging from telecommunication authorities to network planners. The services include planning and optimising networks for all types of radio systems.

WRAP Nordic User Conference

WRAP International had the pleasure to invite all WRAP customers in the Nordic countries for a WRAP user conference. About 20 people participated in the conference. Presentations, demonstrations, a lot of discussions wrapped together on a nice location with SPA and excelent food and drinks.


Thank you everyone who participated and we hope to see you next time!



Critical Communications World also incorporating TETRA World Congress in Barcelona 19 – 21 May.

WRAP International will for the seventh time exhibite. Welcome to visit us in our stand and we will show you the latest features of our software WRAP,Read more.