Civil Aviation

Your ultimate goal is safe communication.
Accurate analysis and planning is the way to reach it.

Air traffic always demands levels of safety above and beyond the norm when and where it concerns radio-based transfer and communication of data. 100% coverage and minimal interference are important aspects. Already at the planning stage you require analysis and computational tools that fulfil the most stringent criteria. WRAP is the solution.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

Constantly increasing air traffic means a corresponding increasing load on the air traffic control systems. Lack of frequency spectrum, full coverage for radio communication, navigation and surveillance of the airspace are factors that need serious consideration. This can only be handled with capable software –WRAP.

Coverage for radio communication in air traffic control systems, frequency assignment to give lowest interference, best frequency utilisation and required airspace radar coverage can be analysed with WRAP. Interference due to intermodulation is a serious hazard in aviation safety. WRAP provides the required tool to analyse and solve the problems before they occur.

The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost-effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select these tools to give full capabilities for civil aviation applications: