Accurate analysis and planning keep your railway communication on track.

Employing the GSM-R mobile telephone standard for railways enhances your wireless communication potential. Safety aspects for quality of service, redundancy and coverage must be considered. WRAP provides the capabilities to achieve the requirements while minimising the costs.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

WRAP for GSM-R – Railway applications supports the specific needs of planning along the tracks for coverage, interference and redundancy to ensure safe communication even at failure of base stations. Traffic properties can also be planned, as well as microwave point-to-point/point-to-multipoint to allow backbone network planning.

The Cost & Coverage Optimiser automatically places base stations at existing sites, or at best-selected greenfield sites, at optimum antenna heights under variables that define investment and operation costs.The optimisation can be done to give best coverage with required redundancy along the railway tracks for a fixed cost, or lowest cost for a defined percentage of track coverage. The process ensures that the network is designed for the lowest cost and gives a large reduction in the required manpower for the planning process. Together with the frequency assignment and interference analysis tools WRAP ensures that minimum interference and maximum communication reliability are achieved.

The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost-effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select these tools to give full capabilities for GSM-R planning: