Frequencies are a scarce and expensive resource. Minimise cost and maximise performance in your fixed microwave network through accurate planning.

Site search, path profiling, candidate relay sites, connectivity and link availability calculations, all are tedious chores demanding efficient software tools. Interference, frequency assignment, capacity, spectrum efficiency and costs – use WRAP to optimise your network in these respects with the minimum of effort.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

WRAP handles microwave links for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks, both for link design and the interference coordination with other stations. Coverage calculations can be used to quickly plan for suitable relay sites as well as displaying interference areas.

The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost-effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select these tools to give full capabilities for microwave network applications:

Link budget, longterm availability and fading margins are important parameters in the design of microwave links. WRAP’s capabilities in handling of detailed geographical data are also important for the outcome.

Frequency assignment in today’s heavily occupied microwave spectrum requires detailed calculations and considerations to stations within the network and overrange situations causing remote interference. Automatic frequency and polarisation assignment are supported in WRAP to achieve the best frequency utilisation.