Public Safety

Whenever there are lives at stake, don’t take any chances with less-than-optimum radio communications.
Plan your networks with the best system.

Diverse radio communication systems in public safety services, or common modern technology – WRAP handles them all. Cost and coverage optimisation ensures the best network for the budget.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

Radio communication networks for public safety need to be designed and planned for very good coverage, capacity to cope with special events and redundancy for high availability. WRAP is a comprehensive system, ideally suited for the public safety applications.

Establishing an area-covering radio network requires careful planning to ensure optimum location of the base stations, repeaters and backbone microwave links. The available frequency spectrum is small. The integrated tools of WRAP allow optimisation of the network with respect to cost, coverage and spectrum utilisation to achieve the most stringent requirements.

The efficient tools of WRAP give a cost effective network design with a small manpower effort. Select these tools to give full capabilities for public safety: