Spectrum Management

Control the valuable radio spectrum assets to allow maximum utilisation.

The wide variety and ever-increasing demands of wireless systems impose requirements on the spectrum regulator. Technical analysis, frequency administration, international and national coordination and resolving interference issues require a capable, multi-service system. WRAP provides all the capabilities. Control the valuable radio spectrum assets to allow maximum utilisation.

Straightforward application – Complex analysis – Coherent results

WRAP is a comprehensive system, ideally suited for the extensive technical and administrative needs in radiospectrum management at telecom agencies being responsible for many diferent types of services. Handling of large national and international frequency databases and plans is supported.

WRAP supports coordination and calculation methods as defined by ITU. A variety of propagation models is available to give complete coverage of all of the radio spectrum.

Frequency assignment is performed with automatic methods, ensuring compatibility with the authorised frequency utilisation, band plans and maximum spectrum utilisation. Interference between remote stations, as well as in dense collocation situations can be analysed. This gives rational means to identify and resolve difficult interference cases. Integration with monitoring systems allows measurement tasking.

The wide range of tools gives a flexible capability to handle technical analysis of coverage, interference and optimisation of the spectrum utilisation.