Spectrum Allocation Manager (SAM)

Spectrum Allocation Manager, SAM is used to manage international, regional, national and other frequency allocations. SAM is a separate application from WRAP but can operate in an integrated way for exchange of frequency allotments. It has the following capabilities:

  • Handling of the ITU Region 1, 2 and 3 Tables of Frequency Allocations
  • Generation of Tables of Frequency Allocations based on the ITU tables, or created from start
  • Entry of text, editing, copying etc. are supported
  • Footnotes from the ITU Table of Frequency Allocations are available
  • Sub-band divisions can be entered
  • Additional footnotes (for instance standards that apply for a particular frequency band and service) can be added
  • Filtering functions for Service, Class of Station, Standard, Footnote, Frequency Rang
  • Print-out in table format
  • Print-out in graphical, colour format of allocations
  • Handling of multiple databases containing allocations and allotments. This allows generation and distribution of plans among multiple users and installations
  • Generation of allotments within allocations (or independent of allocations). Random and deterministic frequency content can be generated
  • Export and import of allotments in WRAP-compatible format to allow generation and distribution of allotments between installations. This can be done in text file format and directly between the SAM and WRAP databases

SAM includes the ITU Region 1, 2 and 3 allocations.
National or regional allocations can be entered by the user using one of these as a source plan, adding the applicable subbands with it help additional footnotes/comments/standards. It is also possible to use SAM to create Tables of Frequency Allocations completely from start.

SAM reads the Class of Station and allotment polarisation codes from the WRAP Write database as defined in the ChangeDB application. This is done to ensure compatibility between WRAP and SAM for these parameters, which are used as part of the allotment definitions.