Download Video films

Please feel free to download a video film to explore what WRAP software can do for you!

Military applications

Interference and Collocation Interference(duration 25 minutes)

Radio and Radar Coverage(duration 18 minutes)

Military Network Management (duration 25 minutes)

HF NetsAssignment (duration 25 minutes)

SAM - Spectrum Allocation Manager for top level frequency management (duration 17 minutes)

Broadcasting applications


FMBC Aeronautical Interference

FMBC Coordination


Digital TV

Other Videos

3D Map (duration 16 minutes)

TETRA (duration 25 minutes)

Civil Aviation (duration 22 minutes)

Mobile (duration 50 minutes)

Microwave (duration 35 minutes)

WiMAX (duration 50 minutes)

WRAP DEMO Version.

There is also a Demo version of WRAP available for you to try out the system by yourself. Please contact us for a free fully functional WRAP for PC Win demo software here.