Spectrum Viewer

The Spectrum Viewer gives a visual overview of the spectrum occupancy, calculating the signal level for each frequency at any location. This gives convenient support when searching for individual frequencies or frequency bands with high or low congestion. A test receiver is located at the cursor position and, depending on the settings, either the field strength or the received power is presented. The main features of the Spectrum Viewer are:

  • Three different target calculations: power; field strength; or the number of stations using each frequency within a definable range
  • Definable mobile height and antenna gain
  • Full power budgets are calculated for each transmitting station, i.e. EIRP, transmitter antenna diagram and transmission loss. For power calculations the receiving antenna gain is also taken into account.
  • Updating of spectrum diagram in real time while moving the cursor


Spectrum Viewer, showing Received Power [dBm]. Azimuth lines with dBm values shown on map for this position.

Close-up of Spectrum View using Field strength
Close-up of Spectrum View using Field strength