Network Audit

Network operators, both commercial and non-commercial, are under immense pressure from the competitive environment and operational challenges. There is no certainty whether the performance and deliveries are to their full potential. This needs a third eye to review the performance and analyze it against competition as well as international standards.

WRAP International offer customized network audit services as per the customer preference. Our end to end network audit services covers operators complete network including MW, RF, BSS, Core, IP/MPLS, DWDM, NMS, Power Solutions and last but not the least Process and procedures. Audit is conducted in three distinct phases:

  • Information gathering (The Prognosis)
  • Information analysis and results (The Diagnosis)
  • Recommendations (The Cure)

This complete exercise results in improved network quality, reduced churn due to customer satisfaction, efficient resource utilization throughout the network, upgrading of network asset records, future requirement reassessment and reduction of OPEX and CAPEX resulting in increased ARPU.