Global RAN Parameters Standardization and Cleanup

Radio Access Network is typically configured with thousands of parameters. In modern networks with Macro, Micro, Pico and Femto cells with multi technology and multi-vendor solution parameter administration becomes increasingly complex and hence result in parameter inconsistencies. Parameter inconsistencies are often present even when the operator believes that the parameter administration is under control. These inconsistencies are headache for the operators as it causes performance degradations.

WRAP International offer to extract an updated RAN parameter baseline for all vendors and technologies that the client deploys. Based on this revised baseline we carry out a global RAN parameter consistency check and inconsistency cleanup services. We also suggest procedural improvements required in the parameter settings process to avoid the reoccurrence of such inconsistencies in future.

Our optional services include:

  • Correct the parameter inconsistencies and evaluate the results
  • Provide tools for exporting parameter dumps into convenient formats (Excel, or SQL).
  • Provide tools for carrying out parameter consistency checks of cell, RBS, BTS, eNodeB, RNC against the baseline.