Spectrum Monitoring

The radio frequency spectrum is a limited natural resource and it is essential that it is used in the most effective and efficient manner by all radiocommunication users. It becomes extremely important for regulatory bodies to efficiently manage spectrum and continuously monitoring it for any breaches. Regulators globally follow the standards and techniques set by ITU for spectrum management and monitoring. Spectrum monitoring is one of the indispensable tools of spectrum management. It helps us ensure that technical requirements and radiocommunication systems standards are fully complied with. Moreover, it allows us to efficiently utilize the radio frequency spectrum.

WRAP International offer specialized tailor made and off the shelf solution through its network of partners. We have successfully developed and delivered state of the art spectrum management and monitoring solutions to various regulatory bodies. Some of the techniques which are deployed to do monitoring are as follow:

  1. Fixed monitoring stations
  2. Mobile Monitoring stations
  3. Direction finder
  4. Spectrum scanners

WRAP International can perform investigations and measurements of spectrum occupancy to assist regulators in resolving interference cases, re-farming of the spectrum to accommodate new services and to establish occupancy statistics. These are important tasks to ensure efficient utilization of the radio spectrum both for short-term management and long-term spectrum evolution.