Network Benchmarking (Drive Testing)

Network benchmarking is a fundamental necessity for telecom regulators and operators. Regulators have to conduct drive testing in order to monitor quality of service standard against the KPI’s agreed on with the operators and operators undergo benchmarking activity to do competitive analysis to remain competitive.

WRAP International offers complete bouquet of network benchmarking services through field drive testing. As per the customer requirements KPI’s are decided as the project scope which determines the team configuration and size. Our skilled field staff collects the data which is then analyzed by our radio network experts and presented to the customer in the form of reports against the KPI’s.

Few of the high level KPI’s which are reported are as follow;

Voice Services:
– Call Success Setup Rate (CSSR)
– Call Drop Rate (CDR)
– Call Connection Time (CCT)
– End to end Speech Quality Index (SQI MOS)
– Handover Success Rate (HoSR)
– Network accessibility etc.

Data Services:
– Packet Data Protocol (PDP) Context Activation/Deactivation
– Radio Link Control (RLC) Throughput Uplink/Downlink
– Data latency
– Successful connection rate to the Internet
– Maintaining an Internet Session
– The holding time of the session
– Average settlement period of an internet connection
– Failure rate of an FTP connection