Radio Network Planning

Design and analyse your network for cost-effective performance

Wireless network planning for best coverage, efficient frequency utilisation and low interference from and to your systems is complicated. There are many system parameters and terrain properties to consider. This requires a high level of expertise and sophisticated software. WRAP International can perform the planning for you.

Planning radio communication networks for desired coverage and service quality requires expert knowledge, experience and software using accurate coverage predictions and frequency assignment algorithms. Consideration should be taken to remote and collocation interference within the network and also to/from other networks and stations. Achieving cost-effectiveness is guaranteed using automatic optimisation features of WRAP International’s planning system.

WRAP International can perform planning of all types of radio communication, broadcasting, microwave links, radars and navigation systems.

Planning results can be delivered in radio plan documents and files. Coverage maps can be exported in formats matching your geographical information system and for presentation in Google Earth applications. Our WRAP planning system can be provided free as a read-only and presentation system for the results, or with a time-limited or permanent licence for your own participation and continuation in the planning process.

Some examples of reference projects: 

  • Specification, modelling and methods development of our own software WRAP
  • Investigations, evaluation and test of various radio systems
  • Analysis of wind turbine interference to radars and microwave links
  • Investigations and analysis for interference considerations within and between radio systems
  • Research and studies, tests and evaluation, procurement specifications, tender evaluation, analyses of radio systems
  • Technical and contractual follow-up and review of contractor undertakings
  • Engagements as technical experts in radio wave propagation, radio network planning and spectrum management