Network Cost Models

Telecom Network Costing Model Training

Rapid technological advancement in the telecommunications ecosystem, specifically due to the evolution of next generation networks, telecom operators and regulators are under immense pressure to cope with the increasing need of building new networks hence entailing costing methodologies to be adjusted accordingly.

WRAP International offer customized training solution to match the needs of regulators and operators. Our best of the breed trainers has diverse experience in the related filed. They have successfully designed and delivered state of the art training courses as per customer demand. Our unique training methodology is combination of presentation of the theory and practical examples, where we will create sample models of fixed and mobile networks together with the course participants. Highlights of the topics covered during the training sessions are as follow;

  1. Competitive Telecom Markets and Private Sector Participation
  2. Understanding market conditions
  3. Building a network-based business
  4. The use of business models
  5. Risks and Risk Mitigation
  6. Evaluating telecoms opportunities
  7. Project presentation preparation
  8. Using investment and risk analysis in practise