Telecom Market Analysis and Evaluation

Telecom Market Analysis and Evaluation Training

Telecommunication industry is growing at a breakneck pace due to rapidly evolving technology where operators have to keep up with the global markets and initiatives. Exhaustive analysis is the need of the hour which shall be undertaken by the new entrant as well as existing operator to evaluate its standing in that particular market. They shall fully understand the market dynamics, demographics, competition, market demand and local regulations to undergo long term telecom market analysis.

WRAP International offer customized training solution to match the needs of regulators and operators. Our best of the breed trainers has diverse experience in the related filed. They have successfully designed and delivered state of the art training courses as per customer demand. Our unique training methodology is combination of presentation of the theory and practical examples, where we will create sample models of fixed and mobile networks together with the course participants. Highlights of the topics covered during the training sessions are as follow;

  1. Context and role of market analysis
  2. Environmental analysis in telecom market
  3. Introduction to telecoms economics
  4. Telecoms customer analysis
  5. Customer research
  6. Pricing and marketing mix
  7. Evaluating telecoms opportunities
  8. Alignment of organisation with market imperative