WRAP Newsletter December 2015

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WRAP International makes radio visible, controllable and valuable – all over the world. We accomplish this by advanced models of computation and software tools for the planning, optimisation and operation of radio networks.


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 WRAP Software WRAP International has now released WRAP 4.15. Users with a valid Support and Maintenance agreement have received an e-mail notification with information on how to download and access the new version.  If you have NOT received the new version e-mail please send an e-mail to info@wrap.se!


A few of the new features of 4.15 (compared to 4.13, which was the last official version):


  • New check box in the Divide Allotment function “Force no conflicts” causes the algorithm to work until a solution is found or it is ended by the user.
  • Maximum allowed slope can now be defined in the Cost and Coverage Optimiser in order to avoid antenna placement on steep mountains where access by vehicles may be too difficult.
  • Export of map areas displayed in the map viewer is  now possible.
  • Import of MapInfo TAB files to map areas is now possible in addition to Shapefiles and Google Earth kml files.
  • Volume coverage results calculated in Coverage and Radar Coverage can now be exported.
  • In WRAP 4.13 the update of the graphics for manually entered and auto-created antenna patterns did not happen until saving and opening the antenna again. This has been corrected to the 4.12 behaviour of immediate update upon entry of values.

  • USGS DEM height data files can now be converted to WRAP format.
  • Dynamic calculations of footprints on earth from satellites and display of the results are now available. A time control is available to “run” the satellites along their orbit. Satellites can move automatically along their orbits as defined by their orbital parameters.
  • ITU Rec P.1812-3 “A path-specific propagation prediction method for point-to-area terrestrial services in the VHF and UHF bands” is now available.
  • ITU Rec P-1546-5 “Method for point-to-area predictions for terrestrial services in the frequency range 30 MHz to 3 000 MHz” is now available (updated from P.1546-3/4)
  • Predefined radar cross section values for different targets can now be used for the radar coverage displays.
  • Text files can be converted to ArcView Shapefiles or to MapInfo .TABfiles for later import in the the geographical data.
  • Lines can now be imported as 3D-lines, i e with altitude definition of the vertices.
  • Search for stations along national borders can now be performed in the database Station Search Engine and in the project search function. As border the IDWM-defined national border or coast line is used.

Service offerings

WRAP International provides a comprehensive portfolio of expert consulting for:


  • Radio Network Planning
  • Optimisation of Radio Networks
  • Spectrum Management
  • QoS Bench Marking
  • Software Development
  • Education / training
  • MNP (Number portability)
  • Regulatory Framework Services

With our high expertise we have performed qualified services for organisations ranging from telecommunication authorities to network planners. The services include planning and optimising networks for all types of radio systems.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!






New customers 

We have the pleasure of welcomming new customers to WRAP;


  • A Broadcasting company in Argentina
  • A Energy company in Sweden
  • A Nordic operator of National Safety radionet
  • A national regulator in the Middle East


Open course 

We are happy to announce that we now can offer Radio Spectrum Management Course. This is in cooperation with CEI-Europe.  CEI-Europe has organised advanced technology courses for professional engineers since 1980.


The Radio Spectrum Management Course  is a 3-days course and it gives the participants the knowledge of rules and regulations for utilisation of the Radio Spectrum.


Central subjects include coverage, availability and interference issues in Radio Spectrum Management.


The course is taught by our Technical Director Mr Olov Carlsson and is running 9-11 May in Dresden Germany.


Please visit CEI-Europe for more information.