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WRAP International AB

WRAP International is an expert in advanced models of computation and software tools for planning, optimisation and operation of radio networks. We offer the following:

  • A wide range of products for different applications
  • Consultancy Services
  • Radio Engineering Services

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Features Overview

Experts in radio coverage, Spectrum management and radio network optimisation


WRAP supports the hierarchical process of military spectrum management. WRAP is ideally suited for the extensive needs in frequency and radio network planning in Defence Forces, strategic as well as tactical including electronic warfare.

Experts in radio coverage, Spectrum management and radio network optimisation

Public Authorities

WRAP is ideally suited for the technical and administrative needs in radio spectrum management agencies being responsible for many different types of services. WRAP supports radio network planning for Public Safety, TETRA networks, Air traffic control systems, Radar and Coastal radio networks and more.

Experts in radio coverage, Spectrum management and radio network optimisation


WRAP supports the planning, implementation and operation phases of all the different types of technologies: point-to-multipoint links, broadband wireless access, WiMAX, WiFi, Mobility, Microwave links, GSM-R; GSM … WRAP also supports television and sound broadcasting networks, both analogue and digital.

Our Clients


  • National Defence Forces
    • Head quarter Spectrum Office
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
  • Defence Research Institutes
  • Defence Signal Schools

Public Authorities

  • National Regulators
  • National Emergency Network Operators
  • TETRA and P25 Operators
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Maritime and Coastal Authorities

Telecom operators

  • WiMAX
  • Mobile
  • Broadcasting
  • GSM-R
  • Microwave networks

Why Choose Us

Well Established

As a company with roots since 1991 in a global communication technology system supplier, we have derived an experience and knowledge base that enables us to offer products and services that satisfy the needs and requirements of the market´s most demanding customers. As an independent enterprise, we continue that tradition of quality and provision of specialist competence to a wider market where we meet new demands with refined and newly developed products.

Highly Customisable

WRAP helps you to identify both the problems and the possibilities that lead to the optimal solution. Describe your own scenario and we will configure the right system for the task. You probably do not need all functions available in our softwares; let us customise it for your needs!

We Know Radio

Our workforce consist of highly educated engineers with great knowledge of radio and radio planning software. The core personnel through the years of development of the softwares, are still employed with WRAP International. We help our customers through all phases: requirement, analysis, software implementation, training and end-user support. If you do not have the resources yourself our senior radio engineers will assist.